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Know the situation on the roads before you head out; check TrafficWatch for Delaware's most accurate and timely traffic information. TrafficWatch is a service of Delmarva Broadcasting Company radio stations, and is provided as a public service to SmartDrive. On-air, online, and on your mobile phone, TrafficWatch gets you around the hotspots in the New Castle County, Delaware area throughout the daily rush hours, and we'll notify you in case traffic problems emerge during the day.

TrafficWatch is now online! Check and refresh this page regularly to get info on major traffic incidents and construction updates throughout New Castle County, Delaware. Or subscribe to our TrafficWatch RSS feed.

TrafficWatch is now on Twitter! Stay up to date on Traffic incidents at twitter.com/dbctfx.

TrafficWatch is available on your mobile phone! Sign up for TrafficWatch Text Alerts. When you do, you'll get to choose the areas of interest to you. Then we'll let you know when there are traffic problems in areas that affect you. Sign up now through the 93.7 WSTW txt crw.

Current Traffic Incidents & Information: