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Scholarships are earned through participation in SmartDriveís online defensive driving program. The program is certified by the Delaware Insurance Commissionerís Office and consists of three main modules, multiple bonus modules, a parent module, and an essay prompt. Points are earned by responding correctly to the questions in each module. Essays are not graded until after the close of the program on March 31. They are graded by committee and points are entered to the studentís account sometime in April. Winners are announced in mid-to late April on our website.

A real time listing of current rankings in the SmartDrive program are shown on our homepage.

Prizes are awarded by region. Our regions are Delaware-North (New Castle County), Delaware-South (Kent and Sussex Counties), Maryland, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. Three winners are chosen in each region. SmartDrive will present the award to the students in the method chosen by their schools or organizations (i.e. school assembly, award night). If the school makes no choice, SmartDrive will request that prizes be claimed at the school office or one of our Delmarva Broadcasting stations. Student may only win the college scholarship one time.

Prize Structure:

  • First place -- $2,000 Post-Secondary Scholarship
  • Second place -- $400 Gift Card (Best Buy, Target, Walmart)
  • Third place -- $200 Gift Card (Best Buy, Target, Walmart)

Sally Voltz, Treasurer, is our Scholarship Administrator. She can be reached at 302-478-2700 or by email at svoltz@dbcmedia.com. Her address is Delmarva Broadcasting Company, 2727 Shipley Road, Wilmington, DE 19803.

Scholarships are paid by semester, usually in August and January. If you are attending a four-year school, the scholarship provides $250 per semester. If you are attending a two-year school, the scholarship provides $500 per semester. Monies are paid directly to the school in which you are enrolled.

If you are a scholarship recipient, it is required that you provide Sally with a verification of enrollment (tuition bill, class schedule) and the information for her to send your scholarship disbursement to the Student Accounts or Bursarís office prior to your initial disbursement. After that, students are required to maintain a 2.0 GPA. Transcripts must be sent to Sally Voltz and received prior to release of funds.

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