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Students PROMise to come home safely with SmartDrive

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WILMINGTON, DE – The SmartDrive Foundation and its sponsors, State Farm, Delmarva Broadcasting Company and Wilmington University are focused on raising awareness this prom and graduation season with the SmartDrive Promise promotion. SmartDrive PROMise will reward schools and their students with Prom or After Prom money for the schools with the greatest number of signatures. Public service announcements recorded by SmartDrive students will air promoting the SmartDrive PROMise. The PROMise is funded in Delaware through a generous grant provided by the Delaware Office of Highway Safety (OHS).

Students all over Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Virginia are challenged to sign the PROMise to remain drug and alcohol free, to drive safely without distractions, to wear their seatbelts and to never put themselves, their passengers or their property in harm’s way. Students can electronically sign the PROMise at the SmartDrive website at www.smartdriveusa.org or SmartDrive staff can do an “in person” sign up at schools during lunches or other school events such as basketball games to raise awareness about the importance of driving and passenger safety.

Initiated in 2010 by students of former Delaware Driver Safety Education Association President and Delaware driver education teacher, Karen Dickens, the SmartDrive Promise is a tool to keep students safe.

“Statistics show that Prom, Graduation and summertime have the highest fatality rates among our teens. This is a great way to remind not just our students, but also parents and the community of the critical importance of safe driving behavior at what is not only the most exciting time of the school year, but also the deadliest time of year for our young people,” said Dickens. “By challenging students in five states to sign the PROMise it is our hope to get everyone ‘on board’ to driving smart.”

The contest kicks off on January 1, 2015 through March 15, 2015 and at its conclusion, fifteen schools in the four regions will be awarded with a cash prize for their Prom or After Prom. The four regions are Delaware-North, Delaware-South, Maryland/Virginia and New Jersey/Pennsylvania and South Carolina. The prizes for each region are $500, $250 and $100 in cash.

SmartDrive is a 501c3 foundation registered in the state of Delaware. Its mission is simple, to reduce loss of life and property in senseless motor vehicle crashes by providing education, positive reinforcement and raising awareness among drivers via FREE online and hands on skills training courses. SmartDrive works hand in hand with parents and schools to reach young drivers through assemblies, in school lunch recruitments, after school programs, and community events. SmartDrive offers insurance discounts, scholarships, incentives and Prom or After Prom money to reward students and schools for positive choices and outstanding performance. Founded by Delmarva Broadcasting Company, SmartDrive, is in its tenth year of operation and has served over 90,000 students in 131 high schools all over Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and the Wilmington University. For more on SmartDrive’s programs visit www.smartdriveusa.org or call 888-553-6543 and find out how to participate.

SmartDrive PROMise FAQs

Who can participate?

  • Any high school in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, or Virginia.

When is the SmartDrive PROMise active?

  • The SmartDrive PROMise kicks off on New Year's Day, January, 1, 2015 and concludes at 11:59 p.m. on March 15, 2015.

What are the prizes?

  • First ($500), second ($250) and third ($100) prizes are awarded in each of our five regions: Northern Delaware (New Castle County), Southern Delaware (Kent and Sussex Counties), Maryland/Virginia, New Jersey/Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.

How to win?

  • Schools will win based on the highest percentage of signatures based on current school enrollment.

How can a school participate?

  • Schools may participate by having their students sign the SmartDrive Safe Driving Promise either in person at lunch recruitments, sporting events or other activities or online at www.smartdriveusa.org, click on your state and then click on the SmartDrive Promise tile to sign. Students may either choose their school or add a new school if it is not in the list.

Who can do the signings? Can we do our own signings?

  • SmartDrive staff or volunteers can come to your school or event to conduct signings, OR you can do your own signings online or by downloading and copying the SmartDrive PROMise. Completed PROMises can be mailed to SmartDrive at 2727 Shipley Road, Wilmington, DE. 19810. Online signings are automatically recorded and do not need to be printed or sent. Be creative!

When are prizes awarded?

  • Prizes are awarded in early April.

For a printable PROMise Pledge form, click here.

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