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SmartDrive Programs

SmartDrive Online Defensive Driving with scholarship incentives

Certified by the Delaware Insurance Commissioner, SmartDrive online defensive driving course provides an insurance discount for students who complete this program in Delaware. Maryland and Pennsylvania recognizes the discount as well, leaving applying the discount up to the discretion of the individual insurance carriers. South Carolina DOES NOT at this time recognize a discount. Nevertheless, studies show the more cognitive and hands on preparation for driving a student has, the better driver they become.

The defensive driving course also is a scholarship contest. The SmartDrive area is divided into five regions – Delaware-North (New Castle County), Delaware-South (Kent and Sussex Counties), Maryland, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. In each region, three winners are chosen based on their performance in the SmartDrive online program. Highest point getters in each region win:

  • First Place -- $2,000 Post-secondary scholarship
  • Second Place - $400 Gift Card (Best Buy, Target, Walmart)
  • Third Place -- $200 Gift Card (Best Buy, Target, Walmart)

Overall, there is one Best Essay scholarship of $1,000 in memory of Michael Kohler, a gifted student/athlete and writer from Tatnall School. Michael was tragically killed in a drowsy driving crash in 1999.

Students complete three main “modules” and are offered numerous themed bonus modules that include objective true and false, multiple choice and essay questions presented in an entertaining and challenging multimedia format. Students accumulate points as they complete the various sections. An essential part of this program is active parental involvement with their young drivers, so it is strongly suggested parents participate, and in doing so their children can earn bonus points toward the incentives. The winning student in each region in each school year receives a $2,000 post-secondary scholarship. Other students receive other cash and merchandise prizes.

SmartDrive PROMise (Prom and After Prom money for schools)

Our SmartDrive Prom PROMise program is a unique opportunity to promote safe Homecoming, Prom or Graduation time behavior as our partner in safe driving. The SmartDrive Prom PROMise is a campaign of Prom and Graduation time awareness for students, teachers, parents and the community at large to remind them of the importance of safe behavior. Students all over Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia are challenged to sign the PROMise to remain drug and alcohol free, to drive safely without distractions, to wear their seatbelts, and to never put themselves, their passengers or their property in harm’s way. Students can electronically sign thePROMise at the SmartDrive website at www.smartdriveusa.org or SmartDrive staff can do an “in person” sign up at schools during lunches or other school events such as basketball games to raise awareness about the importance of driving and passenger safety.

Initiated in 2010 by students of former Delaware Driver Safety Education Association President and Pencader Charter High School driver education teacher, Karen Dickens, The SmartDrive PROMise is a valuable tool to help keep students safe.

“Statistics show that Prom, Graduation and summertime have the highest fatality rates among our teens. This is a great way to remind not just our students, but also parents and the community of the critical importance of safe driving behavior at what is not only the most exciting time of the school year, but also the deadliest time of year for our young people,” said Dickens. “By challenging students in five states to sign The SmartDrive PROMise it is our hope to get everyone ‘on board’ to driving smart at this exciting time of year.”

The SmartDrive PROMise runs from Feb. 14 through March 31. Not only does the Promise raise awareness, but it does something more, it rewards the schools with the best participation with monetary prizes of $500, $250 and $100 for the top three schools’ Prom or After Prom in each of our five regions of Delaware – North, Delaware – South, Maryland/Virginia, New Jersey/Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.

For a the 2014 PROMise press release and FAQ, click here.
For a printable PROMise Pledge form, click here.

Distraction and Reaction (hands on attentive driving)/Call 4 BackUp

Thanks to support from our sponsors, we are proud to offer — FREE OF CHARGE — to schools and community events, our Distraction and Reaction program to help drive home the dangers of distracted driving and driving under the influence in a meaningful way. Using a self-paced online component, combined with a film, ‘Driven to Distraction II”, created by DuPont’s Coastal Films and donated exclusively to SmartDrive, we teach participants about the science of distracted driving. Then, we give them a hands-on experience as they maneuver our “Gem Car” through a coned course as we purposely distract them with time constraints, a cell phone conversation involving mental processing, excessive passengers, and finally, texting. Combined with our Call 4 Back Up program, students learn important hands on backing up skills in addition to the dangers of driving distractions.

This program is safe, fun, and most importantly, educational. We raise awareness by proving the premise, that distracted or impaired driving is not scientifically feasible and in fact, it is against the law with strict penalties. Driving with intelligence is the way to go.

A fairly level space of approximately 75 x 75 is required. We do not run Distraction and Reaction in inclement weather.

The program takes approximately one hour, and we work with our organizations to adapt the program to fit whatever venue is available — health classes, driver ed classes, assemblies, or community days — the program delivers results and raises awareness like no other program can. It is an ideal program to offer during Prom Season or at the beginning of the school year to make a critical impression on our drivers.

SIDNE car – Intoxicated Driving Simulator program – new for 2014!

Drive Smart Don’t Break Your Mama’s Heart Valentine’s Events

DWI – Driving With Intelligence Assembly Programs in conjunction with the Delaware State Police or local law enforcement – new for 2014!

Stay Calm and Drive Smart Aggression and Respect Assemblies

Prom Assembly Program

SmartDrive Seatbelt Challenge Seatbelt Checks

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