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1150AM WDEL's Delaware EducationWatch: SmartDrive's Prom Promise
by Amy Cherry
February 29, 2012
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Hundreds of students at Pencader Charter High School in New Castle have put pen to paper on the Prom Promise.

And they're not alone. They join students in five states, who are making the pledge.

Karen Dickens: "You don't drink, you don't drive that night. You keep your friends, you keep yourself safe."

Dickens, who is a SmartDrive board member and a Pencader driver's ed instructor,urges students to find fun alternatives for after prom, like going to the bowling alley.

Dickens: "There's lots of different ways they can have fun other than, 'Oh I need to pick up a can of beer.'"

Among the pledges, 18-year-old senior Stephen Sparco, who heads off to the New York Film Academy in just a few months.

Stephen Sparco: "It's also kind of like alright, this is basically the last time we'll be together before graduation, and then we all go our separate ways, and I mean I wouldn't want to see anything happen to my friends or anyone else in my senior class."

Winning schools with the highest percentage of their student body signing the Prom Promise will get $1,000 to put towards prom or after prom.

You have until March 31st to to make your promise, and you can do it electronically at SmartDrive.

Reproduced with permission from 1150AM WDEL.

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