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1150AM WDEL's Delaware Stories: Student Anti-TXT Campaign
by Mellany Armstrong
December 15, 2011
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A class assignment to solve a problem through art at Ursuline Academy in Wilmington is turning into something big.

Celina Holler: "We felt that texting and driving was a bigger issue, especially with all the fancy phones coming out."

Senior Celina Holler says they created a three-part ad campaign using common text messages on bumper stickers and cell phone pouches.

"We thought, well, what does LOL mean to you? Does it mean 'Laugh Out Loud'? Some people think it means 'Lots of Love,' so we thought it meant 'Loss of Life' to us," Holler says.

One senior recently had an accident.

"She said she wasn't texting, she said she had just glanced at her phone. It was in her lap, and it might have lit up or something and she glanced at it and she crashed into a pole and went into a lake," Holler says.

They want to share the campaign with other schools.

"We are trying to publicize it more, and we're working with SmartDrive as well, and we're gonna come up with a campaign that hopefully we can take to other schools as well," Holler says.

"This is actually going somewhere, and I feel like it actually can make an impact somewhere outside the school," Holler says.

Reproduced with permission from 1150AM WDEL.

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