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SmartDrive FAQs & Contacts

How do I get my insurance discount?

An insurance discount certificate is earned by completion of the three main modules in SmartDrive. In Delaware, students must complete six (6) hours of instruction to earn the discount. In order to facilitate this, a clock appears across the top of the page of the course. It WILL NOT advance while you are working, but will reflect time spent as you go in and out of the course.The course is packed with a sufficient amount of information, videos, games, and questions to fill that time period. In other states, there is no time requirement.

The insurance discount certificate and a certificate of completion will be delivered automatically upon satisfactory completion to the mailbox on the left side of the page when you are logged into the course.

I have completed my course but I don’t see an insurance discount certificate.

If you do not have a certificate – located on the left hand side when you are logged in – ensure that you have entered your state and driver’s license or permit number. If you have not done this, no certificate can be issued.

How long are certificates available to print?

Certificates are kept in your account until June 30 of the program year. They can be printed or saved to your desktop.

How long does the insurance discount last?

Three years.

How do I win prizes?

Prizes are won by completing the online modules and earning points. Scholarship winners have always completed the essay portion. No one has ever won without an essay.

When are essays graded?

Essays can be submitted throughout the year, but they will not be graded until after the program closes on March 31.

Essays are graded by the grading and selection committee in the month of April. Each essay is read by three (3) committee members and given three scores, which are averaged then entered into the database and added to the student’s current score from the modules. The person with the highest score in each region wins the scholarship. The Executive Director is not a member of the grading and selection committee.

During the grading process, members identify essays that are of high quality for entrance into the Best Essay contest. After the other grading is complete and scholarships are awarded, best essay contenders are reviewed and a winner selected.

Why are SmartDrive programs mostly free?

With the exception of our SmartSkills course, SmartDrive programs are kept free so that we may fulfill our mission of safe driving. We keep our programs free through the generosity of our grantmakers, sponsors, and donors. One hundred percent (100%) of the money raised by SmartDrive is used for fulfillment of our mission.

Do I have to do all of the online program in one sitting?

No, SmartDrive is designed for you to go in and out saving your modules as you work.

How do I submit my module?

When you have completed all of the questions in your module, you will be offered a “Submit” or “Save” option at the bottom of the module. If you have not answered all of the questions, you will only be offered the option to “Save”. Do not exit the program without saving.

How can I contact SmartDrive?

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